Giclée prints are fine art digital prints made on large format inkjet printers using UV-stable archival pigment inks to create high quality art on archival quality paper. Because of these features, giclée prints can last for up to 100 years if displayed behind glass, or longer if kept in an album. Artworks, whether prints or originals, should never be displayed in direct sunlight.

The special inkjet printers used for giclée prints have around 12 different colour cartridges, making them capable of producing a much wider range of colours than laser printing or home inkjet printers, which typically use three colours plus black (CMYK).

What is a giclée print?

The open edition prints on my website use an archival 275gsm acid- and lignin-free cotton-blend paper. This paper is lightly textured to replicate traditional etching paper.

I have changed paper stock in late 2023 to make my open edition prints more accessible. The new paper is slightly lighter than the 330gsm cotton rag I used to offer, while still being archival quality. Cotton rag prints are still available on request for those who want a truly museum-quality artwork.

My A4 and 30cm market prints are made on an economical 220gsm acid-free alpha-cellulose paper, allowing me to hold an inventory, and offer them at a lower price point. My small market prints (A5 and A6) are laser printed

What type of paper do you use?

Yes! While my originals are not (yet!) listed on my website, I do sell originals at the markets and on Instagram. The easiest way to gain access to my originals is to follow me on Instagram, and DM me if you see something you like.

Do you sell originals?

Pricing is one of the most difficult things that a professional artist does! As 2023 progressed, I, like many others, experienced the pressure of the cost of living crisis and economic recession. Lowering my prices makes my prints more accessible, and brings the prices on my website closer to my market offerings.

I was able to lower my prices by selecting a more economical paper designed for the decor market (while still offering an archival print). The paper I use is described here. With lower print prices, I have had to introduce tiered shipping rates for larger prints, as I am no longer able to absorb the additional shipping costs.

Why did you lower your prices?

Depending on the season, I attend various markets around the Wellington region. Visit my markets page for a list of upcoming market appearances.

Where can I find you in person?

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